• Michael J Smith

Here 4U Chaplaincy launches Sydney 20th September 2019

Michael has been a Chaplain for well over 10 years and has a deep love and compassion for people, and a desire to see them experience the love and life of God in Jesus.

In today's prosperous society people are struggling. Why? Because we are prosperous in a material sense, but our souls are largely bankrupt.

Emotionally, mentally, relationally and spiritually we are at loss - negative territory. Our souls are lacking life, meaning and purpose. Why?

Largely, we have divorced our souls from God and all that God is; the love, life, and truth that He is. When we reject God we reject life, love, truth, hope and peace that our souls intrinsically need. We become islands. Our souls become islands of self and we are lost, isolated on the sea of Independence. It’s a day of dread and we don't know how to find our way back. Which direction do we swim? We feel helpless, and hopeless that there is no way back.

Well, Here 4 U Chaplaincy is here to take you from your island of self and lead you back to the island of God; of love, life and truth.

If we come to God, we find Him.

If we find Him, we have Him.

If we have Him, we no longer need the island of self.

Here 4U Chaplaincy is available in the Sydney CBD - lunchtimes and by appointment.


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Here 4 U Chaplaincy


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